Importance of Good content

Even online marketers browse the Internet, and when they and everyone else visit a site what they want is easily readable informative content. They want content that is well-written and reasonably easy to understand. Of course some want specialist information and that is more difficult for the average reader to understand, but how many of us go to sites which are of no interest to us? If a page has nothing new to add, and you have read most of the information in exactly the same form on another site, are you likely to stay on that site? So why is it that some online marketers don’t offer quality content to visitors- do they think customers will queue up to buy from someone whose English, or Spanish or French is not up to scratch?

Visitors increasingly want more from a site than a banal product description and a shopping cart strategically placed. We are all a lot more sophisticated and demanding than we used to be so webmasters need to keep pace with consumer demands and revamp their sites so that at least we can understand the content on their pages. This means investing in SEO services which offer to write quality content with keywords strategically embedded in it. Alternatively webmasters should employ content writers plus the services of a good SEO company if they wish to climb up the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS) and to have a good conversion rate so that an increased volume of traffic converts into sales.

Google, the web’s biggest and most influential search engine, has said that original content is important if a site is to get into the top index pages in its niche. Site owners should take notice of this and improve their content, or risk losing any ranking on a search engine’s index pages.

Consumers these days want testimonials, recommendations, a line of direct communication with vendors online and information. We blithely say that ours is the Age of Information, so why are some webmasters not supplying it; can such people be trusted? This is what passes through the minds of visitors who click a page and then exit almost immediately. The page is not what they are looking for, and why is that? They can now block all other pages from that site from showing in their search. Clearly this is not what a webmaster wants to happen.

What people- remember, the impersonal term “traffic” means people- want is quality content with images that are suited to that content. Too many words and not enough images can be off-putting these days when it comes to online content. The layout of a page has to be considered, can you use bullet points? Do you know how to use paragraphing correctly? How about your grammar? If you are relying on software to help, you should be aware that it has some serious limitations, including the fact that it has no sense of humor, which is necessary sometimes in a good piece of content.


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