Viral Advertising – a new way of advertising

Viral advertising is a way to get exposure in the market without the need to spend money on TV commercials, banner ads and newspaper ads. The entire marketing campaign is carried out by your fans. This kind of advertising spreads like virus and has 500 to 1000 times more impact than regular advertising methods. Mediums such as e-books and articles are great way of viral advertising as by including your web link in them, you can attract more and more potential customers towards your product or service.

The main idea is to fill your audience with emotions of love, hate, happiness or anger about a particular issue. While doing viral advertising, you should forget about pleasing everyone and support a particular target group to produce 100% emotions in them. The next idea you have to keep in mind is to do something unexpected so that everyone notices you. One of the mistakes that companies make while advertising is giving the center stage to the product or service, which makes your advertisement extremely selfish. Try to create an interesting story and add your product or service into its mix.

If you have been successful in creating an effective advertisement which has convinced your audience, you are sure that you have gained their attention. Now, you have to use their attention and act in accordance to it. One thing you can do is to make a sequel of the advertisement. Viral advertising is all about sharing and you give all your efforts to improve the campaign. In order to do that, you should allow your audience to download your content in usable format, allow them to embed it on their own websites, allow them to send it to their friends, allow it to be published on various social networking sites and allow your audience to add your advertisement as their bookmarks.

Another significant element is connecting with the audience. If you have grabbed their attention, it is sure that they will be excited to communicate with you. As these are not neutral advertisements and are in favor of only a single viewpoint, you will negative comments also in addition to positive ones. You should welcome both the opinions. As viral advertising spreads like a virus, it has to be made free. Never add any restrictions such as need to register, to attain membership, to download software programs, to enter codes or to do much for getting the right links. Viral advertising is not about exclusivity but it is concerned with getting out to everyone to see.

As with every other kind of World Wide Web marketing, viral advertising should be employed with sophistication. When it is submitted well, it could significantly grow traffic to an internet site by being transmitted from computer to computer. It should be utilized cautiously, because, as with conventional word of mouth promoting, whenever it is done badly it could estrange buyers and impact the reputation of the entire enterprise.


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